Digital Marketing Consultant

Kelvin Musagala M'mbohe

Kelvin Musagala is a specialist in digital marketing with 4 years of experience in the field backing him up. He comes to you as a well-rounded, hands-on professional who only ever delivers end-to-end digital marketing solutions that are based on goals that matter. He has extensive knowledge and a proper skill set that helps him to stay on top of the game when it comes to web design.

With his experience in digital marketing and UX design, He also comes with a background of expertise in UX design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. He’s also adept at customer segmentation, profiling, and targeting the base audience. His previous works in web design and SEO have received positive reviews from clients.

As a true professional, He can handle multiple responsibilities and efficiently juggle a workload in the face of shifting priorities and deadlines. He also possesses a keen awareness of best practices and has expert knowledge of web analytics, webmaster resources and search tools.

Kelvin Musagala is a digital marketing consultant at DevOps Web Designers with over 3 years of experience in web development and UX design to assist businesses in growing. He previously worked as a front-end developer. She is now an advocate for developers.

He uses his passion and skills to create digital products and experiences. National and International clients rely on him for design implementation and management of their digital products. He’s also worked with web agencies, companies, startups and individuals to create a blueprint for their digital businesses.

Musagala shares his web development experience, SEO, career-related topics, and developer lifestyle blogs with people looking for advice in the tech industry.

Personal Skills

Web design
Search Engine Optimization
Design thinking and Empathy

Digital Marketing Process Approach

  1. Research – Learn what customers want and how they behave/interact with your brand. 
  2. Planning – Align research with business goals and capabilities (often limited by resources) to attract leads to a paying customer or donor.
  3. Implement – Identify and create content offers and promotion strategies that will get your message out to a qualified audience.
  4. Measure – Prove to leadership that the investments made are yielding incremental results toward your goals.
  5. Optimize – Report on goals and refine your strategies that increase the productivity of input > output.

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