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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) defines capacity as the ability of people and institutions to make and carry out decisions and carry out tasks in a way that is effective, efficient, and sustainable. The process of imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the advantages of participation, knowledge exchange, and ownership is referred to as capacity building at the personal level. At the institutional level, the emphasis is on an organization’s overall performance, functional capabilities, and capacity for change. At the systemic level, it places a focus on the broad policy framework within which people and organizations function and engage with the outside world.

of Work

People, communities, and organizations can improve their capacities to create, implement, and maintain efficient health sector services through the capacity building and training programs.

To help minimize an over-reliance on outside experts as sources of knowledge, resources, and solutions to community issues

Capacity building is a systematic process to improve employees’ knowledge, skills, understanding, values, attitude, motivation, and capability necessary to perform well at work.

Capacity Building Clusters

Specific and targeted capacity building initiatives needs to be undertaken at each single level. Potential capacity building initiatives for each cluster are:

  • INDIVIDUAL: training programmes, business development activities, workshops for in-depth discussion of specific topics; conferences;
  • INSTITUTIONAL: development of internal policies, organizational and procedural restructuring; and
  • SYSTEMIC: advocacy initiatives, consultations, open dialogue, reforms.

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    We provide capacity-building services to strengthen public and private sector professionals' knowledge and skills for sustainable development.
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